My Sushi Addiction

West Virginia / Oct. 11, 2012 / by Steven
My Sushi Addiction

Sushi is in my top tier of favorite foods and I think that sometimes the Japanese food is not given enough attention. Most people will give a very clear yes or no when asked if they like sushi. The people that dislike it sometimes have trouble getting passed the idea that they are consuming something raw. It's great to eat sushi, but if you never venture pass the Philadelphia roll you are missing out on a vastness of flavors and experiences.

Sushi is one of the simplest forms of food in my opinion. Rice, Nori (algae/seaweed), and Neta (sushi topping). Perfectly cooked sushi rice is essential, if you have ever had bad sushi rice you know what I am talking about. I've attempted to make vinegared sushi rice many times and always fall short. It's a process that takes practice and that's why sushi masters spend years perfecting their craft. 

My favorite type of sushi is nigiri. For those of you who are not on my level of addiction, nigiri is a hand formed rectangle of sushi rice topped with the neta hanging over the rice. Some nigiri that I often order are Tako (octopus), Salmon, Eel, and Tuna. Having really fresh ingredients make having raw fish a really appetizing and pleasurable experience.

I know that sushi is not a food that everyone enjoys. And the great thing about food is you don't have to like it all. I am constantly attempting to spread my love for sushi to my friends and people who have never properly experienced eating it. Everyone should try it once, as with all kinds of foods, and then make a decision whether you like it or not. If I had it my way, sushi would dominate the culinary world.