A Moment in Time, A Time to Inspire

November 2011 / Nov. 16, 2011 / by Amy Rose
A Moment in Time, A Time to Inspire

Bus 52’s mission is to inspire, which may sound a little hokey but we’ve all been brought together by this idea.

We’re telling the story of a country, the story of a moment in time. The world we live in is filled with news about the economic downturn of our country, violence in our neighborhoods, and instability in our homes.

Bus 52 is changing that – we’re telling the stories of people that matter. We’re sharing what our country can be about, what people with a mind to make a difference can do. It’s the people who are in our lives who are doing the small things that make the greatest difference, and that’s what we’re sharing with you. 

Image Credit: dougtone