Missouri and a Kansas Double-Header

Kansas / April 15, 2012 / by Gelb
Missouri and a Kansas Double-Header

On Easter Sunday, we were in St Louis. Chris and I attended service at the Manchester Methodist Church - a chance for Chris to hang out with his fellow Methodists, and a great opportunity for me to watch a wonderful celebration. We treated the others to some St Louis Bread Co (Panera for everyone else) for lunch. That night, Chris slaved away in the kitchen and cooked us an elaborate easter meal, complete with 'Kick the Devil in the Face' cake. Ask him what it is. Better yet, don't ask him until after you've tried it.

On Monday, the team explored St Louis. We had just had several driving and story days in a row, and needed a bit of a break. We got up bright an early and ventured into St Louis to the Gateway Arch. We got in little pods that looked like they were designed for much smaller people and slowly made our ascent. Amy Chin was having a bit of trouble with the movement and small space, but made it fine as we reached the top. I had thought that when we reached the top, the observation area would be more or less flat, but was surprised to find it extremely steep and curved! It was absolutely wild. It was a glorious day and we got some great shots.

After the arch, we very excitedly made our way to the St Louis Science Center for their Star Trek Exhibition! We saw it advertised on the side of a truck a few days previous, and knew we had to go. It was a fantastic experience behind the scenes of the different Trek series, with cosmos, props, and sets. We all had a blast. I'm sure Amy Chin and Steven were amused with us other three flipping out at almost anything we saw. After the museum we made our way back to camp to relax and get ready for the next big driving day.

Tuesday came and we got ourselves going around 11am. We drove from St Louis to Lawrence, KS. It was a good 7 hour drive with the bus. We pulled into Clinton Lake State Park late in the evening. It was so gorgeous, and as the sun started to set, we realized the night would be epic. Steven and I had so much fun setting up the fancy camera getting ready for time-lapsing. We also set up the tent and Steven, Amy Wallace and I hung out telling ghost stories. By ghost stories, I mean Amy read from the US Presidential Trivia book that I got. The Time-lapse was supremely epic. I'm sure you will see it in an upcoming video.

Wednesday was spent in Lawrence getting caught up on work. We mostly hung out at one coffee shop, the Signs of Life. It was a pretty productive day, getting ready for the insanity that was to follow.

Thursday saw our first story in Kansas - Audio-Reader. Audio-Reader is a project that reads newspapers, books, and magazines over the radio for hearing impaired listeners. It was so wonderful to meet the volunteers and listeners of this extremely important organization. I can't wait to see how the piece turns out.

Thursday night was an early night. The morning that followed was the start of Bus 52's first double header. The team was up at 4am. We headed to the Jubilee Cafe in Lawrence - every Tuesday and Friday the Jubilee Cafe provides breakfast for the homeless, but with a twist. They offer full table service for their guests, complete with menus. The place is just as much for the students as it is for the guests. It was really interesting to hear about the different eye-opening experiences that students have had by participating in the cafe. Several of the guests also spoke about how wonderful it was to be able to have some interaction with young people. A very interesting morning!

After the cafe, we drove back to the campground to take a long nap. In the afternoon, we made our way east to Kansas City. Chris wanted to find the largest Methodist Church - the Church of the Resurrection. It was quite an impressive sight. We then drove onto our second story of the day, TAKE Defense. Getting the chance to watch one of their classes was a really special experience. It was perhaps the most emotional story we have covered so far. Their foundation has helped trained over 50,000 women in self-defense, and is setting its sights even higher for the future. Do not miss this story.

Saturday was a very long driving day. We all started the day in Lawrence, KS and ended in Liberal - near the very southwest of the state. While Steven, Amy Wallace and I took the bus through Wichita, Amy Chin and Chris took the van through Salina. They got the chance to see the Eisenhower Library which was apparently quite stunning, and stopped by a child-hood home of Amy's mom. Through Wichita, the other three of us went to a fantastic BBQ place where we had some of the best bbq of our lives. Watch for Steven's review coming up.

Today we are in Liberal, heading south for another long driving day. Check out where we are live: http://www.bus52.com/live

Mileage: 87370