Minnesota / Sept. 19, 2012 / by Amy Rose

Have you been to Minnesota?

If not, book a ticket. Book a ticket for this weekend because right now is the best time to visit. We were there and the weather was between summer and Fall and perfect. I don't know how much I've talked about weather along our journey. Santa Fe was exceptional, and so is Minnesota. I imagine summer days here are everything people think of when they think of a good old American summer.

We shot stories that were funny, interesting, and incredible different. The folks we met were awesome, and everyone seemed so happy everywhere we went! Maybe I'm just high on Minnesota but it might be the best place. The vibe of the Twin Cities was intoxicating, and the fact that there are lakes and nature a short drive away is mind blowing to me. Am I even making any sense?

Anyways. Enjoy the photos from Minnesota, I enjoyed taking them. And after you've come back from your last minute trip let me know when you're ready to move to the Twin Cities.

Okay, that's the end of my delirious love letter to Minnesota