Michigan / Oct. 29, 2012 / by Amy Rose

Another state on my, "I've never been here!" list of states. A list that is quickly dwindling as we head back to the East Coast. I think as it stands now Rhode Island, Vermont, and New Hampshire are the only states that I haven't stepped foot in yet. I'm not sure if it counts as going to Connecticut if I've only driven through the state, but hey it happened - the Merit is awesome!

But Michigan. Yes, I was very excited for Michigan, mostly because of Detroit. One of my very best friends Laurene is obsessed with Rust Belt cities. I think this has something to do with her being from Buffalo and really into kinda whack-a-doo stuff sometimes. But our time living together was sprinkled with interesting facts about place like Detroit - one of the cities she wants to visit most in the world.

Detroit did not disappoint, it's a really beautiful city that's fallen on some pretty tough times. But everywhere you go you can see that the buildings, when they were built, were quite spectacular. And our trip to Detroit took us into some amazing building that had really been given new life.

I had little to no expectations for the rest of the state, but we ended up in Ann Arbor for a day. Man, I have never seen such a beautiful college town. Everything about it was cool, and the students seemed to really love the place. Were it not for the god awful winters in Michigan it really seemed like a place I could get behind.

I snapped some photos of the places we visited and the people we met - hope you enjoy!