Many Miles, Highs And Lows

New Mexico / May 6, 2012 / by Gelb
Many Miles, Highs And Lows

We have covered a huge amount of miles this week. Starting in Oklahoma City, we finished the week on our way out of New Mexico. It was mostly a working and driving week for the team, with one very interesting story thrown in for good measure!

Sunday we were recovering from the Powwow. Now with tons of GoodStuffHappens t-shirts available (let us know if you'd like one!), I let the team have a lie in. After most of us were awake, the two Amys and I went to find a coffee shop with good internet so we could get some work done. We went back up to Norman, assuming there would be plenty to choose from - we were sadly disappointed! All the coffee shops in town were either packed or, more likely, closed. I will tell you that Amy Wallace was not impressed. We eventually found a Starbucks and settled in to get some work done.

It was an early night, because the next day would be our longest driving day yet. We woke up bright and early and hit the road. We drove over 470 miles and got into Roswell, NM in the evening. Now for you seasoned drivers, 470 miles doesn't seem too bad, but imagine covering it in a hot big bus for which hills are a challenge. We made it in one piece though, so all was good. I was pooped.

On Tuesday, we got the chance to explore Roswell. We visited the Alien Museum - extremely interesting. I think Steven is a believer now. We had lunch at Fat's Burritos - a fantastic place for green chili cheeseburgers. They were great and the people were so nice. After stuffing our faces, we made our way back to camp. It was a fun day, but the next would be another sort of challenge - a long drive plus a story. I was a bit nervous.

We woke up relatively early, and got moving. We were heading for a town called Truth or Consequences (I am not kidding you). The town, as we were told, used to be known as 'Hot Springs', but changed its name after a competition put on by a popular radio show of the same name in the 1940s. 'T or C' as it is known is a very quirky place. We managed to get in at a reasonable time - an absolutely gorgeous drive through Alamogordo and Las Cruces. We managed to skirt White Sands National Monument which looks pretty spectacular.

We arrived late afternoon and got about to filming our story on the de-commodifying scene in T or C. We interviewed three couples in all that were at varying degrees of de-commodification. It was extremely interesting. De-commodification means different things to different people, but the basic idea is to move away from the commodified culture, and to more of a make-it-yourself one. It is a lifestyle, to be sure, and a very interesting one. I think this will be a very interesting piece. Keep posted for it!

We spent the night in T or C and got moving mid-morning on Thursday. Our destination was Santa Fe for a story in a couple of days, but we were going via Albuquerque in order to film the final and main interview with Wendy for the previous story. We got in mid-afternoon into our campground which, like the rest of New Mexico has been so far, was very unique. The Santa Fe Skies RV Park has a solar field that provides most of the power for the park. It's pretty impressive!

On Friday, we explored Santa Fe. Amy Chin had family friends in town, so got to hang out with them. Steven also had the chance to meet a cousin for a bite of lunch. Santa Fe is very beautiful. It made Amy Wallace's list of places she wouldn't mind living - a tall order seeing as only one other town has fit her bill so far!

Saturday was a very sad one for the team, as we found out that David Lescht, the subject of the day's story had passed away the day before. I had been in communication with David earlier in the week when he sounded so excited about our arrival. In seeing the outpouring of remembrances and condolences, it is clear that he was a very special person - I am so sorry I never got to meet him. His organization, the organization we were going to profile is called Outside In - it organizes for musical, theatrical, and artistic acts to come to places where people are confined - prisons, rehabilitation centers, hospitals, senior citizen centers - to ensure that their access to art is preserved. It is a fantastic organization.

We will be staying in Santa Fe until Sunday, when we make our way up to Espanola, NM for a story that we were able to get last-minute with the help of Amy Chin's friends, Stephanie and Bill. It is a wonderful story, and I am really excited about sharing it with everyone. Next, we're off to Colorado! Another state that no one in the team has been to. What should we see? Let us know!

Mileage: 90135