Maine / Nov. 25, 2012 / by Amy Rose

Wow. It's hard to believe that we were only in Maine for the equivalent of a long weekend, we fit so much in to such a very short amount of time. It was what will undoubtedly prove to be our longest shoot at 30 hours.

Sailing was quite an experience, and was something I had never really gotten to do before in my life. I can say I understand how it's a very good way of life for many people, I'm not sure if it's one that I would embrace but I did enjoy being out on the water. It was quite the way to travel.

We arrived in Maine a little after the peak of Fall, and missed the really great fall foliage but that doesn't mean vacation land was not beautiful. It's definitely made my list of places to come back too, perhaps with warmer weather.

Since we were there for such a short time, and almost exclusively on the water most of all my photos are at sea. Hope you enjoy!