Louisiana & The Big Easy

Louisiana / April 11, 2012 / by Amy Rose
Louisiana & The Big Easy

Louisiana was a bit chaotic between stories back to back, and Stanley breaking down but we managed to enjoy ourselves. Check out my photo album as I walk you though our time in Louisiana.

Our first stop was in Houma, LA. In Mississippi we had shared a meal with the wonderful people at Gaining Ground prepared by Chris, perhaps better known as 'Mountain Man'. When we told him we were going to Houma, all he said was "Folks are different down there." So we had braced ourselves for a bit of culture shock.

Our day in Houma was spent with Wayne Bunch of Flocking for Gina - and you've never met a nicer or more humble man than Wayne. We got to bask in the glow of his and his father's love and passion for their work, fueled by the memory of Wayne's mother. When we were running errands in town we had to decipher some thick accents, but everyone we met was lovely. Perhaps that's the difference Mountain Man was preparing us for.

After that we drove to New Orleans, hitting a delicious fruit stand on our way picking up some delicious, springy, strawberries.

New Orleans is one of my very favorite cities, I very strongly considered attending Tulane after high school. I had the opportunity to visit the city last year with several friends during Mardi Gras, so I was excited to see the city I loved in a less crowded state. I was not disappointed, we were able to wander freely and explore parts of the city that were completely different during Mardi Gras.

Our last day was spent with Our School at Blair Grocery, which was a story that affected each of us very strongly. For me, it was one of our most moving and difficult stories - the challenges the organization faced and the strength it takes Turner to do his job each day was exhausting. The grounds themselves were beautiful and creative, an organic oasis in a neighborhood still in the early stages of recovery. 

We left NOLA the next day and made it to Hammond, where Stanley proceeded to pitch a fit and break down. We made it work, but it made Tennessee a very different state to visit.

Check out my album on our travels through Louisiana.