Looking Back: Chris

Maryland / Dec. 18, 2012 / by Chris
Looking Back: Chris

Every so often, there's a small little voice in my head that says "we actually did it." The sheer breadth of what we have done this year is enough to floor me, and trying to think back and encapsulate the entire year is difficult for my brain to do. A few things strike me as being common themes from the entire year:

  1. The people make these projects work. If ever we were feeling low on energy for our project, meeting the people behind our stories immediately cured us of any lethargy. The energy and passion they bring to their work is inspiring and contagious. The amazing thing for me is that many of these people do their work with the organizations on top of another full-time job, or have given up successful profitable careers to pursue these projects. In neither case is there the slightest grumble or complaint about the project working them too hard. I can't describe how honored I am to have met all the people involved with our stories; their passion and work is at the heart of everything we've done this year.
  2. Whatever your passion is, there's a way to use it to help other people and make life more fulfilling for everyone. Ever time this year that I thought we'd encountered all the possible stories out there, someone had an idea I would never think of to help their local community. We've had stories on people using (among many things) swings, puppets, guitars, knitting, wooden toys, houses, farming, hip-hop, waterskis, pubs, sailboats, haunted houses, and post-it notes to create projects that touch people in the most profound ways. 
  3. No matter where we've been, people's generosity has blown me away. Anyone with a negative impression of the humanity should take a bus trip across the country; people have been so supportive and encouraging that I cannot even begin to describe it. We have had people give us food, impromptu donations, discounts, and in one very memorable case a day at a luxurious spa. It's so easy to get bogged down by negative news and the hardships many people face, but the kindness we have been shown has lifted my spirits throughout the year and kept me going.
  4. It is never a bad idea to have fun and explore. Though we obviously spent the majority of our time working in some form or fashion, some of my favorite moments from the year have been the days we got to explore new places in depth or when we took unplanned moments and ran with them. Sometimes it was nice to just sit around the Bus and talk, enjoy a film together, or have a short jam session. Even when your work is as much fun as ours, it's nice to take a day or even an hour off.

It's been a wild and extremely full year - thank you to everyone who helped make it happen!