Is Local Music on Google Maps?

Kansas / April 10, 2012 / by Chris
Is Local Music on Google Maps?

With recording technology getting better and cheaper all the time, it’s become easier than ever for local musicians to bypass the recording industry altogether to get their music to the masses. But lately, I’ve been trying to find the offline places to get my hands on less mainstream music. 

Thus far on our journey, where to find music has varied pretty widely depending on the town or city. Some cities are still blessed to have small record shops, which in many cases are still one of the best places to get your hands on music of all sorts. In other places, most of the local music is passed around word of mouth – hear someone at a bar, tell your friends, rinse lather repeat.

Thanks to the wonderful Amy Wallace and her blog, I’ve found that another great place to find local music is at a local coffee shop. Quite a few that we’ve visited have featured CDs of local groups; some even feature venues for musicians to perform. So if you’re on the lookout for local music, try heading down to your local coffee shop – you just might find your new favorite song!

Where do you go to get new music? Tell us in the comments.