Living without a bathroom

California / July 14, 2012 / by Amy
Living without a bathroom

There are many odd things about living on a bus, not least because of the fact that, well, it’s a moving vehicle. 

There’s living in a confined space with four other people, not being able to stand up straight in some places, and having to make sure everything is firmly tied down or put away before we move. 

Most of those things, I’ve become used to. It’s part of daily life now to squeeze past someone in the corridor/kitchen and we have our routine for getting the bus ready down to an art. 

One thing I’ve yet to get completely used to, however, is having to go outside and usually walk a short way to have a shower or brush my teeth. 

There are two things we do as soon as we’ve set up the bus and that is check the quality of the camp’s wifi (usually not so great), and have a look at the bathrooms. 

We’ve been to places where the bathrooms are absolutely wonderful - taking a shower in them is a joy and I’m feel completely happy with everything. But there are some places where taking a shower makes you feel even less clean than when you started. In those cases, I brush my teeth on the bus and try to stay as clean as possible...

In fact, there have been a couple of places that we’ve stayed for a short time where taking a shower has been next to impossible. 

I know people might be thinking, ‘oh well, she’s probably just being a prissy girl,’ and while I would argue about the stereotype itself, I would also answer saying that I’ve rarely complained about the bathrooms, even when they are places that most people I know would not be entirely happy about using. 

When the bathrooms are a pleasure to be in, walking outside, often in the dark and sometimes through some pretty creepy forests, is not too bad a chore. I have no problem with it. 

Sometimes though, it’s somewhat more of a chore. If it’s a not particularly clean or well-lit bathroom, and the path to get there is dark and cold, then I can tell you, I do not usually skip and jump to the bathroom. 

I do run sometimes. When it’s really cold. And creepy. 

Overall, the bathrooms at the campgrounds we’ve been to have been lovely. There are, of course, the extremes that make it onto my list of ‘most beautiful bathroom’ and ‘place I really don’t want to be in,’ but on average, they’re fine. 

‘Fine’ being perhaps a little less shiny than most people would want on a permanent basis but, as I said, living on a bus can be odd and the bathroom situation is probably one of the oddest parts. 

Photo Credit: Flickr: Jim Bahn