Living on Stanley

Oklahoma / April 30, 2012 / by Amy
Living on Stanley

Living on the bus is close quarters. It’s both a much smaller space than I’m used to and a lot more people around trying to fit into that small space. Add to that the fact that the bus is both home and the office, and it makes for very small space. 

With so little privacy, we needed something to make sure we had our own spaces. So before we left for the year, I made curtains for the bus. A lot of curtains. The front of the bus has five windows, not counting the huge windscreen and the window in the door. I made four separate curtains and we use a large one to cover the others. 

I also made curtains for the back of the bus (where Steven sleeps) and for each of our beds. That way when we go to bed, we can each make sure that we have our own little space to ourselves. All except Gelb, who is unfortunate enough to have his bed in the living room so he didn't get a curtain.

We love Stanley though. Ask any of us and we’d all say that living on the bus is quite an experience. 

I was looking forward to playing games every so often this year. We have BopIt Extreme, a deck of cards, UNO and Banana-grams. It’s a great collection of games and we’ve played each of them once but that’s about it. 

We’ve been so busy that there’s very little time for games. When we aren’t working, we’re usually cooking dinner and watching some tv. It’s the best way for all of us to just relax without having to be particularly aware of what’s going on. UNO can get intense if you don’t have your wits about you.  

So with no time for board games (who doesn’t have time for board games?!), I hear you ask what we do with all our time. 

Our schedule is rather unusual, or rather it feels unusual to me. What makes it unusual is that we don’t have any set work hours. We don’t even have weekends as such. As soon as we’re up in the morning, we go to film a story, we get to work, or we start traveling. We’ve filmed stories at 5am and at 8pm as well as on Saturdays and Sundays. 

We have no days where we don’t touch a computer or smartphone - every day is a work day. Even on days when we’re moving, we have to pack up the bus and one or two of us is usually on a laptop working away. 

But as we work more and more, we're getting more and more used to living on Stanley. Walking across a campground in the dark, in the middle of the night, or showering in a different bathroom almost every day seems a lot more normal than it did when we started. 

A side-effect of it becoming more normal though, is that we haven't taken nearly as many photos inside the bus as we were when we first started. I think it's natural, since living on Stanley is a lot less new to us, but I'm hoping that we get back into taking more photos of life inside the bus. 

So if you want to see more photo albums of what we do inside the bus, be sure to tweet us or email us to let us know!