Little Cottage Cafe

North Dakota / Aug. 25, 2012 / by Steven
Little Cottage Cafe

The Little Cottage Cafe in Bismarck, ND is a gem in a world where diners are slowly disappearing from street corners. The atmosphere is perfect. A lively crowd of regulars can be found in their booths day in and day out. Booths line the right side of the diner, tables on the left, and the diner's stool bar area seems to always be busy.

On the menu you will find all the traditional diner breakfast options, a long list of sandwiches, and a few German inspired dishes. Fleischkuekle is the German dish Rob and I decided on. It is categorized in the most basic form as a meat pie made with light pastry dough. The dish was brought to the North Dakota area by Germans living in Russia. Essentially, Catherine the Great invited Germans in the early 1760s to help improve rural Russia. After a while the Germans got tired of the pressure to assimilate completely. They left Russia and came to America settling primarily in the North Dakota region in 1900. Since the dish was developed by Germans living in Russia, there is a strong Russian influence in recipe.


In Bismarck the dish is served with pickles and ketchup. The meat is tender and juicy which works perfectly with a crisp dough that has a soft inside. I could get used to eating Fleischkuekle because it feels like a mother's home cooking. It is summer now, but in the winter I can imagine myself living off this dish to stay warm.