Lists Lists Lists

Virginia / Jan. 10, 2012 / by Amy Rose
Lists Lists Lists

Lists, and Google calendar, are all I have in my fight against disorganization and chaos. I am by nature a bit forgetful, a little bit messy, and prone to losing everything that's not attached to my body. It's a problem that I've spent my teens combating - and lists and an invasively detailed Google calendar are the techniques that have had the lowest failure rate.

Since I found out about Bus 52 I've been compulsively making lists - lists of what I needed to do for the application, lists of the advantages and disadvantages of Bus 52, lists of questions I had about Bus 52. Lists to help me process my feelings, and lists to help me organize my life.

I've found myself compulsively making lists to make sure nothing is forgotten in the chaotic storm that I will be living in during my last days in Washington, DC. Lists of chores to complete, problems to solve, and things I still haven't gotten around to doing while in DC.

But the hardest list for me to write is the list of good byes. It's hard for anyone to walk away from a life they've made for themselves, but as an overly emotional person, this list has taken it out of me. I have family in DC, people who I've known longer than family, and people who truly have become family in the past five years. While I look forward to the list of inspiring of people that I'll meet this year, and the little family that's been thrown in together in Bus 52 - I'm filled with nostalgia and a bit of sadness as I wave good bye to Washington, DC.