Liquid Planet

Montana / Aug. 14, 2012 / by Amy
Liquid Planet

Liquid Planet in Missoula, Montana is a treasure trove of coffee, tea, wine and all the accessories you could possibly ever want. 

When you walk in, there are a few chairs to the left but it seems, at first, as though there really isn’t very much seating. You would be wrong to think that, however. As you walk towards the back, with a rather large wine section on your left and the counter on your right, the shop opens into two different seating areas that have plenty of chairs, booths and power outlets. 

When we went, I was in the mood for tea so didn’t try any of the coffee myself. The tea I did drink, however, was very tasty. It was a fruity mix that was just sweet enough but not too sweet.

I also tried some of the ham and cheese croissant and the sausage burrito. Before you start calling me greedy, I’ll point out that I didn’t have both of these to myself. They were both tasty but the croissant much more so than the burrito. 

I am also told that coffee was also very good and I’ll trust my sources are telling the truth. 

Everyone who works there was lovely. They were happy to suggest teas that I should try and I’m sure would be able to help with any wine questions you might have.

They also have a small section of imported British teas and food so if you’re in Missoula and need some digestive biscuits or crunchie bars, you know where to go. This section is just next to several shelves covered in a very large selection of loose leaf teas so enter at your peril. 

I will warn you. It is difficult to walk through the sections of tea and funky accessories (such as teapots, tea strainers and fancy mugs) without feeling a pang of desire. It’s completely worth it though. Liquid Planet really is a calm and very pleasant place to spend an hour with friends or catching up on work.