Lights, Camera, Action!

California / July 8, 2012 / by Amy Rose
Lights, Camera, Action!

When we go in to shoot a story, we usually have a limited understanding of what's going to happen. Some place are more organized, sometimes we're working with an event, and sometimes we're filming an hour here and there over a couple days. And there's only so much you can glean from a website, so I find myself awed every single time.

What we do have in terms of consistency when we shoot is what each of us have to do:

Steven - Steven's role in the shoot since day 1 has been pretty much the same, he's our Director of Photography and the only one of us with a serious background in film. He shoots a majority of the b-roll, the interviews, and bosses the rest of us around - he also either attempts to boost morale at a shoot or gets in the zone and doesn't talk to any of us.

Robert - He's the boss. He schedules the shoots, he drives us to the shoots, and he has the best idea of what's going on at the shoots. He also conducts the interviews, he's the one who asks the hard hitting questions that make our stories so fantastic.

Chris - Chris is our sound guy, and as resident composer he writes all the music for our stories. That doesn't really physically start at shoots, although the cogs are probably whirling in his head, but he rocks the boom during our interviews. He also takes a camera and shoots b-roll with one of our cameras.

Amy Wallace - Amy writes the articles, so during the actual interview she's in a corner furiously taking notes for later. Amy also has her own camera that she's developing quite the impressive reel on.

Amy Rose - Sometimes I feel a bit extra at the shoots, but I shoot the photos that go into the photo albums that accompany the stories and snap some photos on my phone to put out on different mobile networks when the story comes out. I also just chat with people who work and benefit from wherever we are, which is the part I enjoy most.

So we enjoy ourselves, we all do things we love, and sometimes we mix it up - but if you're expecting a visit from us, what you've read is what you can expect.