Lawrence, KS

Kansas / April 14, 2012 / by Amy
Lawrence, KS

In our first four months on Bus 52, we’ve visited many places and while all of them have been very interesting, a few of them have stuck out in my mind as being my favorites. Now that we’re on our way to Texas, we’ve just left one such place: Lawrence, KS. 

Lawrence was a very vibrant town, probably due to the presence of two colleges: the University of Kansas and Haskell Indian Nations University. 

I really liked Lawrence because it had at lot of what would be on my wish list for a perfect place to live and all of them are within walking distance of each other. Most of them are on Massachusetts St, which seems to be the main street in Lawrence, or just off it. 

There are some lovely coffee shops that we sat and got a lot of work done in, which I’ll be writing about in my next few blog posts. The street is dotted with lots of restaurants with extremely tasty aromas wafting out from their doors and everything from pizza to thai to mexican.

There is also a shop, appropriately called Brits, that sells British food and essentials such as tea, Crunchie bars (which is like an absolutely delicious chocolate-covered honeycomb-like substance), and Ribena (a blackcurrant drink). 

Just a few shops down, there’s also one of the best fabric shops I’ve ever seen. I always love seeing the rows of colorful fabric lining the walls with all the colors organized and going from light to dark, and this shop did not disappoint.

Add to this an amazing bookshop called the Dusty Bookshelf, which I’ll also be writing about, and you have a place where I was very happy to spend time between stories. 

Photo Credit: Flickr: sirexkat