The Last 50 Hours

July 2011 / July 30, 2011 / by Gelb
The Last 50 Hours

July 27th, 4am

We all woke up at 4am. It was quite brutal. Showers were had and bags were packed. We took the Supershuttle to BWI (Baltimore Washington International) and got to the airport around 0530. After a morning coffee and sandwich, we boarded the flight to Atlanta, then another to Austin. Both were quite quick - quicker still seeing that we were all asleep most of the time.

We landed in Austin at noon, picked up a rental car and began our adventure. In the middle of the Texas-sized heat of the day we set out. 

None of us had ever been to Texas. We had all heard about it being larger than life, and most of what we had heard was right. We found ourselves a mexican restaurant and failed to finish a main course - that was one main course split between the three of us. Texas is big!

We made it to Sand Creek Farm ( by about 6pm. Our hosts were also the ones who had the bus, Ben and Alysha. As we drove up their road, we saw Ben coming out of the bus. He introduced himself to us, followed by Alysha. Together they showed us around the bus, and then Ben said, “Right, let’s go!” Henry, Amy and I looked at each other. Ben obviously saw our looks of confusion, “Let’s go for a drive”. With a feeling of anticipation mixed with excitement and childish glee, we all climbed aboard and watched him take the wheel. He started the beast up with a roar and pulled the throttle out to aid with the air brake pressure prep. Then, we were off!

As he drove the bus, we were asking him question after question and with the typical Texas politeness, he always answered with a smile. We drove out to a small town near by, parked, and then it was my turn. I don’t ever think I’ve gulped that loudly.

The start was rocky. As I pulled off trying to drive a 40 foot monster, I have to admit, it wasn’t the smoothest experience. But after a few minutes, I managed to turn around a corner and we were on our way back to the farm. Once we got back, we parked the bus and headed inside. We had a delicious meal and learned more about their farm. A longer post on that soon, but suffice it to say, they are incredible people. Their farm is completely sustainable, organic, and raw - as in raw milk - absolutely delicious! They couldn’t be more hospitable.

That night, we slept on the bus. We thought we would try the air conditioning - it worked like a charm!

July 28th

0600 - We woke early (for us, not the farm!) and went inside the house and were given a delicious breakfast. Our hosts really couldn’t have been kinder. They answered more questions we had and sent us on our way - with the bus. It was now ours, with title and all. Still intimidating, but gosh, was it fun!

We made our way up to Fort Worth during the day. It was long and hot, but we made it all fine fit. We arrived around 3pm, checked into our hotel and took a nap.

Nap over, we took the bus to an electrical expert in Fort Worth that we had been talking with for the previous week. We dropped it off with him in the evening and were given a list of things to buy. That night, we went to the Texas Roadhouse, just around the corner from our hotel, and were given a feast.

July 29

0900 - A much more reasonable time! After breakfast, we went hunting for the list of things our chap had given us. After rounding them up from various RV stores and the Home Depot, we went to a mega store and started making a list of what we would probably want to get once we had the bus back and were on the road.

We then went for a drive and explored Fort Worth - a very happening city! We went around the beautiful Botanical Gardens and then walked around the Stockyards Historic District. Then, back to the hotel and back to the Texas Roadhouse (We were given a coupon the night before as it was our first time, so we had to try it out a second time!).

That’s all the update for the time being. More to come later!