La Super-Rica Taqueria

California / June 28, 2012 / by Steven
La Super-Rica Taqueria

After shooting a story in Santa Barbara we went and checked out a taco place Rob's brother had highly recommended. The outside of La Super Rica Taqueria, La Super for short, is nothing special. In fact if I didn't know any better I would say it looks run down and closed from afar. 

We got there and took a look at their menu board. Endless numbers of options to choose from makes it really hard to pick and be confident with your decision. I picked out a few things and committed them to memory as we waited to order. The building is divided into two sections: ordering and seating. The line was short when we first arrived so getting to the window wasn't a hassle but discovering that the place only took cash sent Chris, Amy Rose, and myself on the hunt for an atm.

Upon our re-arrival, we were able to hop back into line just before it grew to about twenty people-deep out of the door. The sitting area is filled with plastic tables and chairs, some wooden benches, and a few single seats scattered around. La Super's sitting area was pretty filled so I was optimistic and excited about trying the food.

Hearing my number being called out I instantly tried to remember exactly what I had ordered. What I brought back was three tortillas and my main entree as well as a cheese quesadilla. The tortillas at this restaurant are absolutely amazing! I was not extremely impressed by the rest of the food but it was not bad by any means. I just didn't find something to really differentiate it from all the rest I have tasted from other restaurants.

I would definitely be a regular customer getting these tortillas in bulk if I lived in the area!