Key Lime Pie

Florida / Feb. 9, 2012 / by Steven
Key Lime Pie

Key West, FL

When you hear the word lime, the color green is usually the first thing that comes to mind.  Some of you may be well versed in the citrus genus and will immediately disagree with my previous statement.

To those citrus overachievers, I salute you. This is because the Key Lime is in fact not the color green, but yellow when it is at its final stage of ripening.

Truthfully, the color of the lime holds the least of my interest. The flavor of the Key Lime is more tart and bitter than other limes making it an amazing pie filling and giving your taste buds an immediate explosion of happiness.

Since we were in the Keys, we had to stop and get Key Lime Pie!

Mrs. Mac's Kitchen

99336 Overseas Highway  Key Largo, FL 33037


 My parents lived in the Keys when they were younger for a few years, and I am sure they indulged in endless amounts of Key Lime Pie during that residency. This may also contribute to the fact that it is my favorite pie to have.


The interior of Mrs. Mac's Kitchen feels like you stepped into the largest collection of license plates known to man. The walls, ceiling, and lights are all covered with license plates from all around the country. The main dining room was packed full of people, which is always a good sign. 


Since there are five of us we decided to get a whole pie to split between the group and one more to bring to Amy Chin's mother in Orlando.

A swimming pool sized pie is the best description of what we received from Mrs. Mac's. Enough to feed the five of us and every other patron in the restaurant.


One of the cool things about key lime pie is that it's yellow and not green. The citrus juice from the lime is yellow, and when mixed with condensed milk, the acidity reacts and thickens the filling on its own. The pie can pretty much cook itself!


For the record, I did not eat that entire pie even though I wanted to! It is high on my list on the greatest key lime pie that I have ever eaten. If there is anyone out there who wants to put their key lime pie up to the test, I will be more than willing to taste it!