Just Keekin’ Out

Idaho / Aug. 19, 2012 / by Amy Rose
Just Keekin’ Out

The first platform I've tested out is Keek. I saw a fair number of people using it when we were at Vidcon, and thought - don't people who make videos love watching videos? So Keek we did.

What is Keek? Keek defines itself as "the easiest way to share video updates with friends." My user experience would define it more along the lines of an application that facilitates connecting visually with people you don't yet know. For me, it felt a bit awkward at first, I don't know any one of my friends that uses it. But there were tons of people to meet and I'm willing to give most anything a try.

It was easy to set up an account, find some celebrity youtubers, and other celebrities. Follow some folks that posted interesting videos about dancing and music, and some very funny teenagers. A very popular game seemed to be 'Truth or Dare' - which was very amusing, and other times a little embarrassing.

Using the iPhone app was pretty convenient, aside from our limited data. I quickly realized that using Keek was burning through my data and slowing down my device. If I wanted to upload videos I had to wait till we found ourselves in a place with Wi-Fi - which shouldn't have been all too much of a hassle but I found that I would forget to post the videos I'd recorded and then they wouldn't be relevant.

Overall I think it would be great with unlimited data, or if you found yourself in and around wifi (on campus, at school, or at work) regularly. Not practical for our purposes, but definitely an interesting way to connect with people.

 You can check us out on Keek at Bus52.