California / July 18, 2012 / by Amy Rose

I think every work environment has a quirk that just makes work a little more manageable, life a little more fun, or whatever. Office parties, birthday cake, and coffee are things that keep most operations human. Us? Yah, we have coffee and acknowledge birthdays, but I think we felt the need for something more.

Stuffed Animals.

There are currently seven stuffed animals free-loading a ride across the country on Bus 52. I'm guilty of harboring three of these little rascals.

You've likely met Carpenter; made famous by this Amy&Amy video, he even snagged some St. Andrews press. Steven made the mistake of buying him as a gift for me at the World's Biggest Gift Store (which was just the biggest in the area... what?). He knew that I would love him, and he was right! Since we got him he's been hurling himself all over the bus and wreaking havoc.

I brought a rose-covered teddy bear with me on the bus that my mom gave me - it went with me to college, and it's come with me on the road. Hey! If you know you're prone to homesickness, you know it's coming, and a reminder that my mom loves me enough to give me cheesy stuffed animals usually makes me feel better.

The third is a recent acquisition - a pink moose with swirls all over it named Psycho. It was a gift on the road, and has made a nice colorful addition to my room/bed/office/nook. 

Amy has three animals as well, one is a penguin that she's keeping an eye on for Steven. Lucky girl also has a pillow-pet, and the softest moose named Molly! The seventh member of our circus is a purple unicorn named Fudge - he's Robert's, and he is quite the character. Very sassy.

HEY. Sure, we're adults, but who doesn't love a posse of soft, cuddly, cute things?

(and you get it? PANDA-MIC? Like a pandemic?)