Like it, Love it, Pin it, +1 it, and Trek it up

Missouri / April 4, 2012 / by Amy Rose
Like it, Love it, Pin it, +1 it, and Trek it up

I ran my first social media campaign in high school: during my Presidential campaign, I changed my MySpace profile pictures to a poster I'd made saying "Vote Amy Chin" and posted it on the MySpace bulletin.

This was the most successful of my early forays into social media, and although my old MySpace has been retired, I am still obsessed with finding new ways to connect and share online. That's a big reason why I'm here on Bus 52 - to connect what we're doing with the people who need it most. It's nice to be sharing a mission that I'm passionate about. Who doesn't love a little good news?

On Bus 52 we're using a variety of platforms to connect and share with stories, followers, and friends. If you love what we're doing, you might enjoy connecting with us on some of our different networks.



I would say Facebook is my first true love when it comes to social networking - and our page is one of my favorites, but I guess I'm biased. We share some photos that might not make it on to the site with a story or blog and interact more with local communities. Many of our fans that see Stanley on the road find us first on Facebook.



Twitter is nothing if not a full-fledged addiction for me. There are so many people to follow, so many things to read, and so much to look at that I often OD on Twitter and have to go off it for a few days. But the @Bus52 page shares stories, is connected to our Foursquare and Twitter accounts, and has little quips about life on the road.



I love Pinterest. I love, love, love love Pinterest. I am one of those girls that you read about when they talk about how women are obsessed with Pinterest. The Bus 52 Pinterest has inspiring stories, recipes that are road friendly, some geeky things we love, and other cool buses out there in the world. Good fun all around.



Who doesn't love sharing photos? Because of things like Pinterest and Instagram I've reconnected with friends from high school activities that I might not have found otherwise. Facebook is great, but in Pinterest and Instagram you get a feel for what people like and are doing. There are some great photos of life "behind the scenes" on Bus 52. Follow us at @Bus_52



If I thought I was connected to my iPhone, I had no idea what my work iPhone would mean to me. It's my baby, it's always running at 20% power, and it always corrects what I say to something foolish. But it lets me check in on foursquare and share where we are, and where we've been to our equally addicted friends.



When I first started using Google+, it was the bane of my social media existence. I loved Google Buzz and used to have a well maintained Google Reader - but once Google got rid of Buzz and linked Google+ and Google Reader I had to get over it. Our Google+ page is just a fledgling page, but I think it'll find itself in time.



Obviously the most important social network on this planet, Trekspace allows those aboard the USS Stanley to share our inspiring stories of discovery and exploration. Since we're a bus full of both seasoned and novice trekkies, we have different levels of expertise, but our fearless captain never leads us astray.


Follow, friend, like, +1, and pin with Bus 52. We're always trying out new things, so go find Bus 52 and the rest of the team online.