Iowa, The Great

Iowa / Oct. 7, 2012 / by Amy Rose
Iowa, The Great

In Iowa of all places, I had a really great time.

Two of my friends from American University just happened to be working in the state, which I think significantly improved my experience in the state.

Our time in Iowa was also a little crazy, we were there for a couple days before we headed to Minnesota, and then were back down for a story after Minnesota. Which in my mind gets things a little mixed up. But I'll do my best to recount our time there.

Our first segment was in Sioux City - a very small town just over the border from Nebraska. Our time there was short, but nice and I got to see my friend Laura right before she moved to Seattle. When we were in Sioux City we were shooting our last Nebraska story.

After that we popped into Minnesota for a week, and then back down to the Des Moines area, where I got to catch up with my friend Charlie. My opinion of Iowa was significantly improved by the awesome street festival occurring in Des Moines the day we filmed a Yoga class in the park, followed by a tour of the state capitol. That's right, that was an awesome day in the life of Bus 52.

Initially I was skeptical of Iowa, but it seems that ever state so far has had something interesting to offer.