Interim 'person in charge of filming'

Maine / Oct. 31, 2012 / by Amy
Interim 'person in charge of filming'

With Steven away again, I have taken over his role of ‘person in charge of filming.’ He actually calls himself the Director of Photography but I don’t feel that I can come even close to calling myself that, even when he’s gone, so I’m really just ‘film person.’

It’s something that I would have been terrified to do at the beginning of this year. In fact, the first time Steven game me the camera and said to go and film - that was during our third story, SPEEED - I was very worried about not doing it well, not getting the right shots, and just completely messing up, really. 

Now that I’ve been filming, mostly with my own camera, for much for the year, the filming itself is a lot less stressful. I’ve become better at using the camera, judging the focus (something I thought I would absolutely never get the hang of), and playing with the settings. 

But when it came to running a shoot myself, I was once again filled with panic. I’d watched Steven setting up interviews over and over, and I knew exactly what shots he would want, but I was far from certain I’d be able to get them myself. 

When Steven went away a couple of months, we did four shoots without him. After the first shoot, and knowing I could get the hang of it that day, I was fine. It was one of those situations where I know that I know what to do. I know what the placement of the camera should be for an interview, I know how to set the white balance, and I know that I should be fine. But doing it is a different story. 

Now that Steven’s away again, I’m relishing getting my hands on a shoot. There’s obviously a lot more work to do that just shooting some b-roll, and filming on a boat this past weekend really was far from a piece of cake (not the simplest of locations to film), but it’s fun to know that the piece will be made up of mostly my shots. 

Of course, Steven edits everything very nicely, and Chris’s music makes the whole thing come together perfectly, but I must say, I’m still a little proud of how far I’ve come since being scared to pick up the camera in the first week. 

If there’s one thing I can say about this year, it’s definitely pushed my boundaries and comfort levels, and I’m very pleased about that.