Independence Day

California / July 5, 2012 / by Gelb
Independence Day

Happy 4th of July from all of us at Bus 52. On this independence day, people all across the country are celebrating not just the idea of American independence from past tyranny or restriction, but also the independence of ideas, of innovation.

Our mission is to highlight innovation across the country. One of the founding reasons why we wanted to focus on inspiration across the USA was directly due to the uniqueness of the American Dream.

America is a land of many people, a salad bowl of cultures, religions, and society. In one country, we contain the best and worst of the world, many voices, and countless points of view. Sometimes that unique quality can be aggravating and challenging, but it is a challenge that has always been met in the past.

Even though we are all unique, we are all different, the central point of our project is to highlight the common thread that is present in the fabric that make up our country: strengthening your community, helping your neighbor out.

One individual does matter, and the factors that come together to make a project a success can be as varied as our nation is diverse. All of our stories are innovative and different, and all share a common aim: to highlight that independence of how small things can bring communities together.

Image Credit: bayasaa