The Importance of Being Followed

June 2011 / June 17, 2011 / by Amy
The Importance of Being Followed

What is the point, one might ask, of having a website and a Twitter feed for a project as inspiring at this one, if no one reads it? Well, that is, dear reader, a very good question. I write this post with the knowledge that people have been coming to the website and reading our blog posts, and I find this very exciting. Not due to some maniacal ego-trip, but rather because I genuinely believe that this project has the potential to be great, to inspire people and ultimately make a positive difference to people’s lives or ways of thinking. 

I’ve been somewhat frantically checking the wonderful Google Analytics what is, without exaggeration, an unhealthy number of times a day. With Analytics, we’re able to see how many visitors we are getting to the website. It’s great for many reasons, not least because we can tell what effect our tweeting, Facebook posting and blog posts are having on the number of people visiting the website as well as the time they are spending on it. We can also see how many new and returning visitors we get which is an interesting statistic to watch. In short, I find it very difficult to refrain from refreshing the page far more than I should.

I’ve had an even worse time of it on Twitter. I’ve been watching both the number of followers for the Bus 52 account and mine like a hawk; it can be highly distressing. While I am exaggerating a little, I really have been checking our follower numbers obsessively, feeling a jump of excitement at the addition of a name or two and feeling disappointed as the number goes down. This number of followers on my stream yo-yos like nothing else. I gain a follower or two only to loose a few more than I gained. It’s one step forward, two steps back. In all actuality, I care far more about the number of followers for the bus’s account because that is the most exciting way of getting people interested in the project, directing them to the website and keeping them up to date with all our most interesting high jinks. That, and the bus is far more interesting than I am. 

I don’t want to harp on about Twitter and follow numbers too much. There is a lot written about Twitter ‘etiquette’ and the tricks to use to gain followers and I know far less about social media than these people do so I won’t go on for much longer. The great thing about Twitter and Facebook however, apart from the effects on my sanity, is that they can be used to get our vision for the project out to people from all over the world. Bus 52’s aim is to find inspiring people and to share those stories with people everywhere. We want to make sure we build our viewership so that people are aware of the project and can follow our progression around the country. 

I would like to say thank you to those of you who are coming back to the website time and time again. We really do appreciate it. And I warmly welcome those of you who have just arrived, hoping that you’ll be as excited by Bus 52 as we are and become a returning visitor yourself. Please do keep coming back to check on our updates and blog posts. I assure you, I won’t always be writing a post so you have nothing to fear in that respect. 

If you do feel the desire to follow the bus on Twitter, it’s free for all to do so at If you don’t have a Twitter account, but you do use Facebook, you should ‘like’ us at It will make us all very happy. 

Oh, and if you do have any tips about how we can spread the word about Bus 52 and get the excitement going, do let us know. You can tweet us, or use the Facebook page. And you can tell all your friends and family, that would help too! 

PhotoCredit: Flickr: jadeilyn