Illinois / Oct. 20, 2012 / by Amy Rose

Not to mislead you, a majority of these photos were taken in Chicago. Almost all the photos I took were taken in Chicago. I love Chicago, I wish it was my city.

Chicago is one of the biggest, most beautiful, coolest, most inspiring cities I've ever had the pleasure to travel through. I've never spent more than four days in the area at any given time, but it has taken my breath away each and every time.

My first year in college included many flights to and from Houston, often through Chicago. I love flying over the city and the suburbs. I love it even more at night. During my sophomore year of college I visited with my parents, and had my friend Bobby as tour guide once my parents went to sleep. I thought it was pretty magical, I saw a woman walking in the nicest pair of boots I've ever seen and a beautiful coat. I wanted to be a woman walking these streets, looking like the city.

This trip was enjoyable but exhausting. I had friends I wanted and got to see, but we had stories to shoot and work to do, and the closest campground was 45 minutes away from the city without traffic, and so we were always tired. But I still felt taken in by Chicago and it rekindled my dream of living in the coolest city I've ever known.