Idaho, Cats, and Another Breakdown.

Idaho / Aug. 19, 2012 / by Gelb
Idaho, Cats, and Another Breakdown.

It's been a long week for the team. We're still in Idaho - though not by choice at this point. Don't get me wrong - it's been one of my favorite states so far, but we haven't been able to leave yet due to another breakdown.

On Sunday, we were still in Boise, and had a lot of work to catch up on. Luckily for us, nearly across the street there was a Starbucks. They got to know us very well over the week or so we were in Boise.

Monday also involved lots of work - Steven was blazing through edits for the pieces, and Chris was storming ahead on composing. He's mapped out the rest of the year with his Album:America series already. Monday evening, I went to the airport to fetch Amy Rose who was coming back from a wedding in Texas. The bus's resting decibel level was instantly doubled - but we're very happy to have her back.

We got going a bit late on Tuesday as we didn't have very far to travel - only 4 hours to Pocatello. We headed out around 11 and were in Pocatello before five. We were only there for one night, but it looked like a lovely little town. Our campground, the Cowboy RV Park was spotless. I don't think I had ever seen a bathroom that clean. As Steven pointed out, it's always the places we stop for only a night that are the cleanest!

In the morning on Wednesday, we got some work done at the campground - we needed to be at a local TV station for an interview, but only at 4. The campground kindly let us stay a little late. We met Matt and Libby from NBC6 in Pocatello and told them a bit about the project. We were shown around their studio and introduced to everyone - a very nice place!

After tasting some very delicious chicken as part of a cooking segment, we hopped back in Stanley and hit the road for Idaho Falls. We arrived just after 6 and relaxed for the evening.

Thursday was a very odd, very long day. We were expecting to be on another TV program in the morning, but they decide to cancel at the very last minute. Our bus was scheduled to have a service performed on it in the early afternoon, so we took it over to Rush International in Idaho Falls and dropped it off. We then set out to do some filming of a different sort. Chris's Album:America project sometimes involves go-pro footage, behind-the-scenes videos, and just plain whacky skits. For his latest piece, Musak, Chris wanted to see if we could find an Elevator to shoot in. The Idaho Falls Arts Council said they had one and were totally happy for us to use it. While Stanley was being worked on, we went and shot a very odd video of Chris's dream-like skit to go along with his music. It turned out brilliantly.

We went to a local coffee shop, Villa Coffee and I had another challenge for him. For an upcoming piece of his, I thought it would go very well with just cats in the video. Chris was on it - calling around to pet stores all over the place. He managed to find a pet shelter less than a mile from the coffee shop. So we quickly headed over there to shoot very cute cats, many of whom were only too happy to grip onto Chris and Amy for dear life (read: sharp claws).

By the time we were done filming the cats, the bus was ready. We picked Stanley up and headed out for our next stop, Island Park, ID. We were busy climbing a hill, the temperature of the engine started to get near the top of the recommended level. I decided to pull over to let Stanley breath a bit before continuing. When I opened the bonnet to let some air in, I was met with spewing coolant everywhere - the coolant tank had completely burst. Oh great.

We called the very awesome people at Coachnet and the folks at Rush International back in Idaho Falls, and arranged a tow back the 60+ miles to Idaho Falls. We spent the night at a truck stop with RV hook-ups (and very very nice showers) that was across the parking lot from Rush's. In the morning, they looked over Stanley and gave us the good and bad news. The good: they found a part, and it is the perfect one that will easily replace the broken tank we have at the moment. The bad: it's in Phoenix and won't get here until Monday.

We needed to be in Bismarck, ND on Monday night in order to get Chris to the airport so he can fly home for some business relating to him being a community hero. The 700+ miles it would take for us to get there just wouldn't happen in the bus if we had to leave on Monday.

On Saturday, we went back to the Villa coffee shop to get more work done and plan - Chris and Steven will go ahead in the van on Sunday in order to get to Bismarck by Monday night, and me and the Amys will follow as soon as the Bus is ready.