I <3 Oregon

Oregon / Aug. 22, 2012 / by Amy Rose
I <3 Oregon

So in the chaos of seeing family in Seattle and getting on a plane to go to Texas for a week, I foolishly skipped writing about what has been one of my favorite states on our journey so far - Oregon!

We had a great time and got to check out a couple different cities. We were in Roseburg for a few days, and got to check out some waterfalls in the Umpqua Valley. Our trip coincided with my grandfather's birthday, so I took a moment to do something that he would have enjoyed.

We got to spend a couple days in Portland. In preparation I'd brushed up on a little Portlandia, and was really looking forward to seeing the city. It's great. If you like things that are awesome then you'll love Portland. It was a place I could definitely see myself living. It might help that we spent one entire day tasting beer.

So check out the photo album, it doesn't do the area justice. But hopefully you'll want to visit, and take me with you.