How Will We See Bus 52?

November 2011 / Nov. 4, 2011 / by Elivia Shaw
How Will We See Bus 52?

Something that particularly excited me about this project was the way that we could use media to reinvent the classic road trip. How can we use social media and film to create a truly collaborative experience in an innovative way?

This project is ever evolving but we have narrowed the field to try and come up with three platforms through which we would introduce bus52 to the world. 

The first, is through our website, This would be the most direct link to the bus team, as they would be creating profile pieces, video blogs, photo galleries etc. as they are traveling around the country. The website will be the best way to get up to the minute and even live coverage of the trip. This is particularly important, as we want our audience to be part of this process, giving us tips on stories and even determining our itinerary. 

Secondly, we believe that bus52 would make an excellent web series. Personally, I love the freedom and creativity that a web series adds to the variety of entertainment we consume on a daily basis. The formats are flexible and they give opportunities for exposure to smaller projects. Bus52 would use this format, creating a webisode for each state that we visit. This would be a great frame story to catch the interest of our viewers and link them up with our website and other media. 

Thirdly, the story of our yearlong journey would be made into a feature-length documentary film. A secondary crew will be following our journey and capturing the story from every angle. The combination of the great eye of a professional crew and the somewhat amateur work of the team members will merge in an exciting and groundbreaking way. The story would highlight the amazing Americans we meet along the way as well as the personal journey that the team members will experience on the road.  

Elivia Shaw is Bus 52's producer, based in Washington, DC. She can be contacted at

Photo Credit: skippyjon