How We Found Our Bus

August 2011 / Aug. 17, 2011 / by Amy
How We Found Our Bus

Since we told you the exciting news that we had found our bus, we have been very busy bees. I know Robert wrote about our journey to find our bus but as he wrote during the trip, I thought I’d add to his post with a quick summary of the whole week.

We flew down to Austin, Texas three weeks ago and drove to the farm where the owners of the bus live. We were very excited to meet them because we’d been in contact with them by email and phone for a while, and they had been incredibly helpful, answering all of our many questions. 

As we drove down the road to their farm, a very large, green bus became visible in the distance and we all became very excited. Like children happy at the prospect of getting an ice cream, if you will. After quick introductions, we were taken on a drive in the bus and then Robert drove us back to the farm. It was a fantastic feeling to have our bus and to be sitting in it. We spent our first night in the bus everything went remarkably well. The air conditioning kept us cool, if not too cold at some points, and we woke up feeling the excitement of sleeping on the bus.  

After waking at the crack of dawn and having a lovely breakfast of yoghurt made on the farm, we set off towards Dallas Fort Worth to take the bus to have its electrics looked at. We arrived on Thursday but as the work on the bus took us a little longer than we expected, we were in Fort Worth until Monday 1st August. While we were waiting for our dear bus to be ready, we managed to get into the spirit of Texas and had a wonderful time visiting everything from the Museum of Science and History to the Rodeo at the Fort Worth Stockyards. 

When the bus was ready on the Monday, we set off on our journey back to DC. Making it to Monroe, Louisiana that night, we had the exciting task of working out how our new lights and cables worked. We managed to get the lights and air conditioning working though didn’t manage any running water that night. 

Our next two days saw us traveling through Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia (stopping over night in Atlanta) then South Carolina, North Carolina and Virginia, spending our last night on the road in a lovely RV park in Fancy Gap, VA. 

We made it back to DC on Thursday, in very good time and still, remarkably, in very good spirits. As soon as we’d stopped, and manoeuvred the bus into a just-big-enough driveway, we were on and off the bus fiddling with the electrics and finally managing to get running water on the bus. 

We then spent that evening very pleased with ourselves and with our bus. It had been a great taste of what we will experience next year and what great people will we be able to meet and interview. 

The next day however, it was back to the grindstone, working away at raising the money that will be so vital to allowing us to meet even more interesting people that we had in just a week, and to bring their stories to our followers. 

In other news, our website is nearing completion! We are playing about with it at the moment, making sure that it does everything we need it to do. As soon as it is up and working, we will let you know. We’re looking forward to being able to show it to you!