Hootsuite in the House! (Or in the bus?)

Oklahoma / May 2, 2012 / by Amy Rose
Hootsuite in the House! (Or in the bus?)

Social media is, as Amy Wallace would say, my jam.

I would not say I'm anywhere near an expert, but I quite voracious in my use of anything from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, to Pinterest. I'm also willing to try anything at least once: currently loving Viddy, and doing what I can to figure out Reddit (I know, I'm behind).

But it's not easy for us to stay connected on the road. In my home state, the great state of Texas, for example, we were on the Edge network, if anything, as we drove through much of the state. Not to say that we're in the middle of nowhere when we lose service during our driving days in Kansas, Oklahoma, or Texas but there are definitely fewer cell towers.

My attempt to combat consistent dead zones? Hootsuite.

Lord knows where I would be without Hootsuite (probably holding on for dear life on the top of the bus while trying to send out a tweet or Facebook update). Hootsuite is pretty popular, I used it in the past at an internship or two but never en masse like I have been on the road. I can schedule a day, two days, or weeks in advance - especially if I'm skeptical about our Internet access over the next few days.

That being said, I use Hootsuite everyday regardless. Every once and awhile I'll do a whole day sending tweets as they come to me - but it's tough for anyone out there who has a life with absolutely no consistent schedule. Some days we have stories at 5:00am that last until 10:00am - other days we leave camp at 12:00am and don't make it back till camp at 11:00pm.

You try updating five social media sites while filming kids on skateboards or slip slopping through a muddy field in the rain lugging equipment to the interview site. It's ugly, I've been there.

Hootsuite graciously stepped in and took pity on our poor bus, and swagged us out - in person and online.  Honestly, we'd be in the dark ages without Hootsuite.