The Taste of Sustainability

Mississippi / March 22, 2012 / by Steven
The Taste of Sustainability

Starkville, Mississippi

I have never offiicially been the guest of honor at any gathering or meal. However, when we had the chance to share an evening with the amazing people we met in Starkville, I am positive we all felt like guests of honor.

The individuals that run, are involved with, or support the organization Gaining Ground Sustainability Instititute of Mississippi (GGSIM) are some of the most passionate people I have ever met. Not only are these people passionate about the work that they do, they are also extremely passionate about food. Good food.

Growing food is something that I know very little about. Thanks to the public school systems of Virginia I am aware that growing food requires sunlight, fertile soil, and a place to let the plants grow. In Mississippi, there is an abundance of this space that is not being taken advantage of. GGSIM is trying to bring together the people that are taking advantage of the space and trying to spread the growing fever.

We had the pleasure of being invited over for dinner after we finished filming the GGSIM story. I had been told that a gentleman by the name of Mountain Man would be making us dinner and that he would be taking out some selective meats from the deep freeze. As a lover of anything that may be good enough to get deep frozen, I was stoked for dinner.

Thanks to the help of Amy Rose's premier chopping abilities, one of the freshest salads I have ever had was prepared. My favorite part of the salad was a freshly picked mustard leaf. While we were at one of the community farms, Mountain Man picked a few handfuls of an unknown mustard leaf that had been growing really well. It tastes like a mild form of wasabi and is an amazing addition to any salad.


The main protein source of the meal was deer venison and fish. Seared with fresh ingredients in a pan and then baked, the deer venison has been some of the best I have ever tasted. 


One of the things that we got to try was a recipe developed by Mountain Man for Tequila Tea. If there is a tea that you can think of, it probably made its way into the recipe. I am not a huge fan of Tequila but this would be my go-to drink if it hit the local stores.


I am so thankful for the generous people that we meet while traveling. Enjoying amazing company, hearing everyones stories, and eating a great meal helps break up the hectic life of living on a bus. Thanks to GGSIM, I was able to have a night that felt like I was just going over to see friends for dinner.