Greatest State in the Country - totally unbiased

Texas / May 6, 2012 / by Amy Rose
Greatest State in the Country - totally unbiased

Texas, my home state.

While not the state of my birth, I've lived in the state for almost ten of my twenty-three years, and while my accent has no trace of this southern state in it I'll defend the state with every breath.

Anytime something good happened or we met someone friendly, I might have yelled, "THE GREAT STATE OF TEXAS!" Unfortunately for me, our second day in Texas sent tumbleweed straight into Stanley's engine and put his fan belt out of commission. 

The rest of our trip was pretty smooth - we got to see a pretty good sample of the beautiful scenery the state has to offer. We also spent almost a week with my folks in Houston. For me it was relaxing, reenergizing, and exactly what I needed after a few months on the road. We ate great food, had a good party, and spent time with the good people of Texas.

It was too short of a trip, and I'm excited to go back. Most of my time was spent enjoying my time in Texas, but please check out my photo album to see a great shot of me and the family.