Good Stuff Happens, no matter what

Oklahoma / April 28, 2012 / by Amy Rose
Good Stuff Happens, no matter what

Good Stuff Happens.

At least I think it does, and I'd like to show the world that good stuff is just around the corner - no matter what lies in front of you.

I'm sure that my belief in 'good stuff' keeps the good stuff coming, but I think that our journey has offered proof that good stuff happens - and it's happening everywhere, no matter where you are in your life.

In our first month we met Nan Jeffers of SPEEED. A woman who admittedly was a force of nature. She had started business after business and despite many setbacks, each one led her to the work she's doing today - mentoring and fostering entrepreneurship in youth in Roxboro, NC.

After a serious accident that hospitalized him for weeks, Larsen Jay saw the difference the love and support of his friends and family in his recovery and realized that everyone deserved to feel loved when they were in times of pain. After he recovered, he began Random Acts of Flowers, and brings smiles and bouquets to those in need of a pick me up in Knoxville, TN.

TAKE, a story we filmed in Kansas City, was founded by Roger Kemp whose daughter was taken from him in a violent attack. That moment changed his life forever, but he committed his life to self-defense education in women. Because of him I look at my life completely differently, just like the thousands of women's lives he's touched through the TAKE Foundation.

I'm sure many of you have battled through your dark times and know that good stuff happens. Maybe sharing your good stuff will help someone else.

If you can take the time (and come on - tell me you don't have an extra three minutes?) please help up share this simple message: Good Stuff Happens.