Georgia / Feb. 4, 2012 / by Steven

Downwind Restaurant

 Downwind Restaurant

What’s the first thought that comes to your mind when you think about eating at an airport?

I think of overpriced food, from off name chain restaurants, that cater solely to the idea of eating fast between flights.

When I heard we would be meeting up with some of Amy Wallace’s friends, who fly planes, to eat at an airport, I was confused and worried for my stomach.


The sickness in my stomach left as we pulled up.  The airport we went to was a small prop plane airport.  Home to the Downwind Restaurant.

Beer can inspired air planes hang from the ceiling as if they were flying across the restaurant and past plane memorabilia hanging on the walls. 

The bar is welcoming and allows for an awesome place to refuel your stomach after a flight or just shooting the breeze.

At the Downwind, the burger is king.


Everyone at our table ordered one, throwing our own personal touch to our order.

The burger is huge and definitely packs a lot of flavor. I recommend getting the bleu cheese burger!


Savage Pizza

If you are in the Five Points area of Atlanta and happen to be craving both pizza and comic book characters, then this is the place for you.


Every inch of Savage Pizza is covered with some kind of comic mural.  Everything from your most beloved heroes to the worst of villains.


Even the bathroom has you covered!

We tried a little bit of everything and were pleasantly surprised with the quality of the pizza.

I have seen my fair share of pizza parlors, and this place knows what its doing.  Ya it may not be your top notch New York slice, or your deep dish style Chicago love affair, but it definitely makes a strong attempt to get Atlanta on the pizza map.