From Idaho to Idaho!

Idaho / Aug. 12, 2012 / by Gelb
From Idaho to Idaho!

The team started the week leaving Idaho and ended it coming right back in! We covered two stories this week, and got a lot of driving in as well.

On Sunday, after a great visit in Coeur d'Alene, we hit the road and drove to Missoula, Montana. The drive was very hilly, and a bit of a challenge for poor old Stanley. We arrived in the late afternoon and promptly relaxed. It was much hotter in Missoula than Idaho and you could definitely feel it.

Monday was a working day, we were able to get a good chunk of our to-do items taken care of. Tuesday was a whirlwind day of us covering the awesome people at Homeword - a fantastic organization that builds environmentally friendly affordable housing for low-income tenants. Getting the chance to tour around their buildings and meet the people who worked there was really cool - I could have stayed there for days, the whole experience was really educational.

Wednesday was another long drive (we clocked in at about 11.5 hours) from Missoula to Boise. Lots of hills and even a forest fire stood in our way. The country we were driving through was absolutely stunning. We were following a winding river most of the way and it was so interesting to see how the changes of elevation had such an impact on the kind of environment we experienced. We got into Boise just before six and were just zonked. 

On Thursday we made our way into Boise and hung out with the great people at Life's Kitchen. It's a fantastic organization that teaches at-risk young adults culinary arts while also providing life skills education. Students there were working to get their GEDs while learning about food hygiene and grilling methods. It is such a great idea and a great organization. Their food was absolutely delicious too… 

Friday and Saturday were both working days for us. We miss Amy Rose - she is still in Texas at a wedding and should be back on Monday. Next week we head out of Boise and slowly make our way to Wyoming, then onto North Dakota!