Friends & Family

Nevada / May 20, 2012 / by Amy Rose
Friends & Family

I get a hard time regularly for running off with friends and family on our cross country adventure. "Who do you know in this state?" is a friendly enough question, but the tone is usually mocking. But it's fine, it's true. I think I've known someone in every state we've been in up until Utah.

One of the parts of our journey that I'm enjoying most is the opportunity to see friends that I haven't seen in five or more years, many of my parents college friends that I grew up with as aunts and uncles, people I spent time with in DC because of the WINS programs, and friends from high school who have started to disperse themselves across the country.

In Florida, I got to see my little brother and my cousin who live in Winter Park, my folks who happened to be visiting, and my uncle from Alaska who just happened to have work on the east coast so he could swing down for a little reunion. In Tennesee, I got to see one of my good friends from high school, Monet, who now lives in Knoxville. In Kansas, I got to see Jordy, a friend who interned in DC with WINS when I was an RA. We went to Texas and I got to see one of my Dad's college roommates, Jordan Berg, and his family. In Houston, we got to hang out with my parents and a bunch of friends. In Oklahoma, I went to a Powwow and got to see a few of my friends. In New Mexico, I had dinner and spent a few nights with another of my dad's college roommates, Bill and his family in Santa Fe. In Colorado, I saw one of my mom's close friends, Debbie, who moved to Colorado Spring a few years ago and my friend Kira's parents in Denver. 

In Utah I had no plans to see friends, but I look forward to catching up with friends in Nevada, Arizona, California, Oregon, and Washington - and beyond! They're the ones keeping me sane on this crazy journey.