Food For Thought

November 2011 / Nov. 26, 2011 / by Steven
Food For Thought

Across all countries. Across all cultures.  Across all states.  There is one thing that brings people together unlike anything else on planet Earth.  Food!  Since the beginning of agriculture roughly 10,000 years ago, food has evolved to become something much more than just nourishment for our bodies.  It has an uncanny way of breaking down barriers.

People from different cultures, of different religions, of different beliefs, can all have a common love for food.  When people gather to eat a meal, it presents an opportunity to share the enjoyment of eating, the ability to communicate, and the chance to learn about each other.  I want to explore the food of a particular state and what makes it so amazing to the people that live there. I believe that one of the best ways to learn about a particular culture is through eating the food and hearing how particular recipes and ingredients have evolved throughout time and why!

I also want to evolve the way America thinks about eating while on the road. I know how easy it is to pick the drive-thru option when traveling, and I will admit that seeing the “golden arches” is sometimes a sign of relief because its familiar.  However, I want to explore the unfamiliar.  I want to find ways in which you can eat healthier while traveling, ways to spend less money on food while traveling, and I want to find family owned restaurants that are a stronghold for good food in their town.

Photo Credit: Joel Washing