Following Up

Oregon / July 24, 2012 / by Chris
Following Up

First off, a big 'thank you' to everyone who weighed in on the Album:America poll two weeks ago. The results are in - here's how the votes broke down:

Album:America Poll Results

While I wasn't expecting it, it is actually kind of nice to get such positive feedback on the work I've been doing with Album:America. There were two options that gained a decent percentage of votes; both will probably make an appearance once or twice before the year is over - particularly the community soundtrack music, as we never seem to have enough ways to feature all the fantastic music submitted to us. For most of Album:America though, you can keep looking forward to whatever my brain has cooked up that week (note: this week my brain appears to have been in an interesting place - hope you enjoy!)

Since folks (at least the folks who answer polls) seem to have enjoyed Album:America thus far, now I'm curious: