Flying Fish

Washington / Aug. 6, 2012 / by Steven
Flying Fish

Remember when your mom said don't play with your food? The guys at the Pike Place Fish Market must have tuned out their mothers because they spend their day hurling fish back and forth to be sold, wrapped, and enjoyed by the customers of the Pike Place Market.

A sign reading "Caution: Low Flying Fish" is present above the fish market and for good reason. Standing around with the crowd I was able to see three fish tossed from the iced box to the wrapping station. These guys have some serious hand eye coordination!

What started as just a simple act has now become a tourist destination. The open Pike Place Fish Market is an attraction as much as it is a place to get some fresh seafood. I don't blame tourists for wanting to see some fish flying through the air, it's actually really impressive and enjoyable. I'm not sure how the locals feel about it, but I think I could get used to watching this weekly.

The guys all have a huge amount of energy when they are working. I think it's mainly due to the fact that they throw fish around all day, but it's also a sense of pride in their work. In the 80s, the market almost went bankrupt and the fish throwing got them off the hook. They decided to become "world famous" and it happened.

If you are in Seattle you should definitely check out the Pike Place Market. It is in the guide books, it is a tourist hot spot, and it is definitely not a secret thing, but it is really fun to watch and will put a smile on your face. Who could ever turn down the chance to see some fish soar?