Finding books & Goodreads

Wisconsin / Sept. 22, 2012 / by Amy
Finding books & Goodreads

You might think that, living on a bus, I wouldn’t have much time to think about what books I want to read, but I do. I don’t have time to read very many but, every once in a while, after finishing one, I go on a hunt for which one to read next. 

Without having space to put books, my habit of writing down lists of books I want to buy has gone into overdrive. Usually, I would buy one every so often but I would have a stock of book ready to read on my shelves or at the library. 

On the bus, however, I have to buy each book I want to read as an ebook. Except when my resolve breaks and I end up buying one from a shop we’re in but that has happened very rarely this year. 

So what is one meant to do with a growing list of books to read, no books on one’s shelves, and no idea what to read next? Well, other than the usual sources of reviews like newspapers and amazon, I’ve been using Goodreads. 

Goodreads is an online reading community filled with message boards, book clubs, and reviews. The features I love most about it are that it gives you the chance to store lists of books that you have read, are reading, or want to read. 

It also means you can write your own reviews about those books and take a look at other people’s reviews and opinions about books you’ve been considering buying. 

It’s a great way to start a conversation about a book even if you aren’t around people who want to listen to you drone on about books all day. They even have an iPhone app that I’ve been enjoying using. The app has a scanner that can be used to scan barcodes and searches and adds the books to your lists even faster than you can with typing. 

Another feature I love, which I’ll admit, is something of an eccentricity of mine, is that when you add a book to your list, you can pick from the different published copies and their covers. That way, the listing on your Goodreads bookshelf can match the book sitting on your actually bookshelf! How amazing is that?! You see, I’m weird...

Having finished Carlos Ruiz Zafon’s The Angel’s Game recently, I’m now looking for my next book to read. I must say that, in my opinion, The Angel’s Game wasn’t quite up to par with the first of Ruiz Zafon’s Barcelona trilogy. 

So now, much as I have a list the length of my arm of books I want to read, I still don’t know what I’m going to plump for. I have to make sure that I can get it on one of the many e-reader apps I have but that doesn’t really cut the list down very much. 

That means that I will be perusing the Goodreads pages in order to pinpoint which book will be the next to entertain me. If you have any recommendations, do let me know, I’d love to know! Just email or tweet me.