Iowa / Sept. 16, 2012 / by Amy Rose

Rob suggested I try to get in on Findery .

Findery is a geographic, visual, story telling that lets you share your memories, moments, and knowledge by leaving notes where that information matters the most. Findery defines itself as a place "you can find and leave notes around the world."

Back in Idaho I got a personal account, and enjoyed just reading notes and getting a feel for what people made notes about, what was worth sharing, and how favorite-ing and following and all that worked.

And I loved it! I loved looking at the cities we'd visited and seeing things we'd seen and done. Looking at places we'd be traveling was great too. Hopefully we'll be able to work some of these awesome notes into future exploration.

When I started the Bus 52 account I knew Findery was going to be the perfect way to share stories. It also means boiling down stories to few paragraphs, which Amy Wallace already expertly does in her introductions to the stories, and choosing a photo that captures what the story is all about.

So far we've reached some new folks, got a couple regulars checking the stories we posted, and had Flash Volunteer featured on the site. I'm not sure if it's had any impact on people watching our stories, but it's been a fun community to explore that will be an excellent tool at the end of the year to look back at a map of our Inspiration Across America.