Filming In NYC

Connecticut / Nov. 17, 2012 / by Steven
Filming In NYC

This year has been amazing in so many ways and one of my favorite things about the trip so far has been getting the chance to shoot in a lot of different locations. I never thought I would be filming in so many places in one year and it's been quite the experience. From coast to coast I have set up my camera to capture the stories we create every week and in NYC I had a blast filming around the crowded streets.

I've been to New York a few times, lived on Governor's Island as a young kid, but haven't been inside New York City for any chunk of time. One of our stories coming up is on the Happy Post Project and their story led me all around NYC to capture them setting up their mobile happy post voting booth. 

New York City is viewed differently through each individual that walks its streets. Personally my favorite portrait of the city is captured in Woody Allen's film "Manhattan". Shot in black and white, the film expresses the city as a place of romance and coordinated chaos in the late 1970's. A New York City that many people still see today despite every inch of the concrete jungle being covered in "advertising art" as I like to think of it.

For me the city is a constant wave of movement and you can choose to get on and ride or become smothered. Tourists, locals, bums, police, all walks of life line the streets. With a camera in hand, I met up with my subjects and began to film like I would any other day. An hour passed and I stopped and stood still. I don't know why I did, but I did. And for once I think I actually took the second to look and things slowed down. Among masses of people, a unified chaos, there was still individuality. A traveling soccer player laying on his back with the concrete below him bicycling a ball for a small crowd of people. A small child challenging an old man at a game of chess and going on to beat him. A man looking for his sunglasses in his bag only to realize they were on his head. The list goes on and on.

I guess my point is that its easy to get lost in the mass wave. It happens to all of us during out lives. This year has made me realize the importance of seeing the individualness of life and the importance each person has in the grand scheme of things. Taking the time to slow down and watch life happen is something I have learned and grown very fond of.