The Film Essentials

December 2011 / Dec. 21, 2011 / by Steven
The Film Essentials

There is still so much to do with under 20 days left before we set off on our adventure.  One of the things I have spent a lot of time doing is ordering and preparing equipment for us to film our stories with.  Me being a junkie of all things involving film, I have thoroughly enjoyed equipping Bus 52 with what I think is the best solution for our needs.  Actually, it has been more like ecstatic!

I created a list of all the equipment that we would need for the journey: cameras, lenses, batteries, memory cards, lights, tripods, etc.  After creating my initial list, it was time to fit it all within our budget!  The result is an array of equipment that is the most beneficial for our mobile needs, yet still retaining high quality.

We will be using Canon DSLR and HD video cameras as the bulk of our film equipment.  Surrounding these are a team of lights, microphones, rigs, cables, and tons of other essential equipment that will allow us to film in all types of scenarios.  

What is really awesome about our film equipment is how much it is going to allow us to be mobile!  As I opened boxes, added equipment to the inventory, and packed it into its cases and bags, I was amazed at how compact it was.  In fact, all of our essential equipment can fit on top of my old bed (photo above).

We have already done some tests with the new equipment and cannot wait to start using it to tell the stories we find.  Stay tuned to see how well my equipment list does throughout the trip!