The Essentials

November 2011 / Nov. 29, 2011 / by Steven
The Essentials

The Essentials.

Okay, I am going to be spending a year traveling on a bus with four other people filming creative and inspiring people all over the nation. When I say that to myself so many things clutter my mind. I am thinking of equipment, lighting, road maps, fuel. What I am not thinking about is the essentials!

For instance, after doing a little research, it has come to my conclusion that hair can grow about 6 inches in one year! That means there will definitely be a need for us to get hair cuts at some point during our year-long journey.  Who knows where we will be getting a slight trim!  Another essential is the proper clothing! Traveling to different areas of the country will have slightly different climates so it is important to plan ahead for all the different types of weather we will see.  

What is most important about not forgetting the essentials is that we want to make the bus feel like home as much as possible.  Of course we will need to keep it stocked with toothpaste and soap to maintain proper hygiene while traveling!  I do know that I will definitely miss some of the finer things that I have in my house.  Hopefully, we will all come up with creative ways to replace the amenities we will miss so dearly from home.

Image Credit: puuikibeach