Election Madness

New York / Nov. 3, 2012 / by Amy
Election Madness


I started to become more and more interested in US politics when I was at university. Having more American friends than when I was at school, many of whom were very politically savvy, meant that I started to pick up bits and pieces about how the system works over here. 

I now find US politics fascinating, both in its idealism and its ridiculousness. I realize that coming from the UK where our ministers shout at each other from across the Parliament floor, I have little ground to stand on when calling another political system ridiculous, but it’s definitely crazy over here.

Seeing all the election coverage and madness from close up has been a very cool experience. I remember watching the 2008 election results on the big screen - Gelb organized a very, very cool election night party that year - and it’s fun to know that this coming week, I’ll be watching it in the country itself. 

One very big thing I have realized though is that, despite how exciting it all is, I’m becoming fed up by people on both sides. This is not to be a politically inclined post, nor are we in any way a political organization, but no matter what side you vote for, have been let down by, hate or love, the whole rigamarole is becoming wearing. 

We’ve spent this year visiting people who truly are helping their communities and those in need, and they’re doing that all even though they’re facing an extremely tough economy. 

The politicians are busy pointing the finger at those who are supposedly to blame for this and that, rewarding themselves for the small victories, and claiming to have the key to Utopia in their plans for the future. 

But what we’ve seen this year is that people are making a difference in this country, a difference that has nothing to do with politics. We’ve met Republicans, Democrats, Independents, and everything in between but what they do has nothing to do with the parties they vote for or feel loyalty towards. 

I realize that there’s a lot of difference between running a country and then actually making a difference in each individual community - something that I know Democrats and Republicans fight tooth and nail to convince people about - but if just a fraction of the money that went into this election went to the nonprofits we’ve met, the difference to them would be huge.

For all the hot air blowing around from both sides of the aisle, they should just take a moment to see what is actually happening in the country, that true American spirit everyone keeps waffling on about, and see how people really are helping each other. 

That all said, I am looking forward to watching the election night coverage - the drama is  both a truly entertaining and ridiculous experience.

Photo Credit: Flickr: University of Maryland Press Releases