Election Day

New York / Nov. 6, 2012 / by Chris
Election Day

Today, as I'm sure most everyone in America and in Bus 52's readership is pretty well aware, is Election Day. Although we have a busy day of travel, the political junkies amongst us (particularly our driver/fearless leader Gelb) have their radios tuned in to the latest polls and can barely wait to pull in tonight so we can watch the returns on TV.

While I'm excited for the outcome, I will definitely be ok when election season is over. A time that seems to me like it should be about getting excited about the future is too often co-opted as a time to put down those who disagree with us. I recently read an article that went so far as to suggest that a Republican politician should apologize for appearing "friendly" with a Democrat so close to the election. 

We have covered a pretty wide range of folks on our journey thus far, and while they cover the entire political spectrum I can pretty safely say that they did not care about our politics or the ideologies of those they served - they are just out to help people where they are. As always, I think we can all take a page from these 77 (and counting) role models: tomorrow, regardless of who's been elected, if we all take a second to remember that we are people first and D's, R's, and I's second, I think we might find the world is a bit more positive.

Photo Credit: Disability Rights Ohio