The Dusty Bookshelf

Kansas / April 23, 2012 / by Amy
The Dusty Bookshelf

I enjoy browsing in bookshops full of brand-new books as well as second-hand bookshops. The experience in each is usually slightly different but no less fun. The bookshop I went to in Lawrence, KS, however, was slightly different. 

The Dusty Bookshelf is an absolutely wonderful bookshop. It is full of second-hand books but you would be forgiven for not noticing. All the books are in such great condition that they look as good as new. As the bookshop itself says, they buy ‘gently used’ books, and very gently used, they are. 

It’s a very decently sized shop. All the bookshelves match - not in a clinical, soulless way, but rather in a well-organized and beautifully decorated way. They’re also arranged so that the sections feel small and cosy. It means that the shop can fit as many books as possible in the large space, without feeling large and too open. 

Speaking of fitting as many books as possible into one space, The Dusty Bookshelf has bookshelves galore but there are also piles of books on the floors at the feet of the shelves. The central counter is surrounded by large piles as well and it just all adds to the wonderful atmosphere of the place.

There’s a wonderfully large mystery section as well as a craft section and well, anything else you could want. They sell vintage paperbacks and I’m sure they’d have some gems that would make any book lover’s day. 

They also sell literary t-shirts by Out Of Print Tees, postcards, bags and other such non-book delights. One of the tables has a display of books that surround a very cool old typewriter.

And last but absolutely not least: there is a cat. If you read my post about the ‘Blue Bicycle Books’ bookshop in Charleston, SC, you will have seen that I do love bookshops with cats. This particular cat was appropriately regal for a bookshop cat, and was sitting on a lovely, green armchair. 

I didn’t spend very much time in The Dusty Bookshelf - it’s always dangerous for me to be in a bookshop for too long, I’m too tempted to buy things - but if I lived in Lawrence or anywhere near, I would definitely spend a great deal of times browsing the shelves. 

Have a look at their website or check out their Facebook page to learn more about The Dusty Bookshelf.